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      Potted Christmas Trees

    • These are living evergreens grown in containers (as opposed to being dug and balled). They are fairly easy to handle and can be displayed in the house up to 5 days, then planted outdoors.

      Properly transplanted, they are able to provide a living reminder of the celebration for many years to come. We have them available in Black Hill Spruce and Norwegian Fir. They are 2 to 3 feet tall. Their pot makes them taller when displayed in the house.

      Our customers have had tremendous success with the survivability of these evergreens. Our potted living trees are intended for your enjoyment as a Christmas Tree indoors and then for planting in your yard - an ultimate "green" experience for your family. They make an excellent gift to a child who can decorate his/her own Christmas tree, then can see it grow

      These trees have excellent survivability if you follow the following care guidelines.

    • Caring for Your Small Potted Living Christmas Tree in the House

    • The high temperatures and low humidity levels in houses can be stressful to trees.

      Follow these tips to give your tree the best care and help ensure success:

      • Before moving the tree inside the house, help it adjust by moving it to an unheated but sheltered area such as a garage or porch for a couple of days.
      • Keep the tree in the house for no more than 10-14 days. Less if the location is warm.
      • Locate the tree indoors in as cool a location as possible. Keep it away from heating vents, fireplaces and other heat sources. Provide as much natural light as possible.
      • Water every several days, keeping the soil moist but not flooded. Ice cubes can be used for watering because they keep the roots cool and water gently as they melt.
    • Planting Your Potted Living Christmas Tree After Christmas

    • If possible, prepare the planting hole before the ground freezes. (When selecting a site, consider your overall landscape scheme and the fact that the tree will need room to grow.)

      • Dig the hole about 6" larger than the pot. Mix peatmoss in with the excavated soil.
      • Store the soil from the hole somewhere where it won't freeze.
      • Fill the hole with leaves or hay to prevent freezing, then cover with a board to prevent accidents.
      • After displaying your tree, put the tree back into a garage or sheltered area for a few days to help it adjust back to the cold.
      • Plant, if possible, after Christmas.
      • If the weather does not permit planting, keep the tree in a garage (near a window with available daylight).
      • Water every few weeks to maintain some moisture in the pot. Plant in March or April, when the ground is no longer frozen.
      • When planting your potted tree be sure to make several verticle cuts through the roots, to encourage lateral growth into your soil.

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